Kit Cassingham: “The B&B Lady”

Kit CassinghamI love the hospitality industry! You will, too, especially if you have ADD. My time as a B&B innkeeper, broker, and consultant was exhilarating. As I’ve learned more about ADD I’ve come to recognize that my ADD-strengths came perfectly into play as an innkeeper. Multi-tasking, creative, enthusiastic, being attentive to the little details, and taking care of people. The structured environment, social connections, and busy schedule all supported my strengths.

Most entrepreneurs have ADD/ADHD. Innkeepers are entrepreneurs. It holds that most innkeepers have ADD. That means you have strengths — superpowers, if you will — that will help you create and run a successful inn, if you also learn to manage your weakness. All of this is where I come in.

I’m a High Performance Coach. I help entrepreneurs with ADD focus their strengths and clear their hurdles so they can stop struggling and thrive. I especially love working with those hospitality industry. I coach owners and managers of independent, boutique hotels (small lodging properties, if you prefer) to help them embrace their ADD gifts and step into their power.

The B&B Lady articles are from my long-history as a B&B innkeeper, coach, and consultant. Learn what you need from them.  You can subscribe to my LIFE newsletter (my main coaching site is to learn more about ADD/ADHD and how it impacts  your life — for better and worse.