About Kit — “The B&B Lady”

I am “The B&B Lady” and owner of Sage Blossom Consulting, established in 1989. My experience in the hospitality industry ranges from housekeeping to B&B management, including waitressing and catering, to a B&B Broker and a Consultant. My experience outside the hospitality industry ranges from computer programmer to blogger to high performance coach. There’s a lot of background and foundation here, for your benefit.

My purpose in my work is to help people realize their dream. I help entrepreneurs with ADD focus on their strengths and clear their challenges so they can quit struggling and thrive. The entrepreneurs I know most about are those in the hospitality industry and the online world.

Services I offer to help you in your endeavors to get more out of life for yourself and your business include coaching, through my Live In Focused Energy business, and “How-To” B&B ebooks — for now

Now, I’ve said I want to talk with you, and I want you to talk to each other. We may find that your questions are outside the scope of casual conversation and that you need more education than is feasible in this forum. If we realize that’s your case, we will urge you to seek a seminar, a Book — electronic or print — consulting, or even a hands-on training. Whether you pursue that more focused education or not, we won’t be able to stay focused on your intense needs. I’m here to have fun and share, as if we were having tea together an briefly discussing aspects of the B&B industry.

Entrepreneurship is the perfect path for those with ADD — people I call HuGers (Hunter/Gather-types) because of the way we are wired. Whether your entrepreneurial path is through online business, innkeeping, or some other brick-and-mortar business, I have the help and guidance you need.