Conferences are great Continuing Ed

I was reviewing some old records today and noticed that lots of my clients have attended B&B conferences while they were aspiring innkeepers but quit going after becoming innkeepers. What an interesting observation!

I think that innkeepers need conferences as much aspiring innkeepers do. Not only are conferences great for polishing your innkeeping skills but also for stretching your perspective. The industry changes and if you aren’t staying up to date you can miss some important ideas and changes, ideas and changes that will keep you on the leading edge of business and hospitality.

One perk that goes unheralded is that you meet other innkeepers, fantastic sources of referral business for you. Innkeepers tend to refer their guests to B&Bs where they know the innkeeper. By meeting other innkeepers you have a resource for referrals both directions — you can send your guests to other inns as well.

And one more advantage of knowing other innkeepers is that you have another person to talk about creating new business, sharing your woes, and celebrating your successes. Friends and family don’t always understand the innkeeping world. Local innkeepers aren’t always the right people to share everything with either.

It’s worth your time and effort to expand your horizons. Attend local and national conferences. They happen year-round, so pick the time that works for you and a location you’d love to experience, and register now!