Travel Insurance for the B&B Guest

Have you considered offering travel insurance to your B&B guests as they book their reservations? It may be time to consider that offering. Travel is increasingly uncertain these days, so offering a bit of comfort is a gracious gesture to make. It increases not only your guests’ comfort, but yours too, because it covers everyone’s financial position.

There are policies that cover single trip coverage as well as annual travel insurance. Look for a travel insurance company that will give your guests good service and not the go-around. Also make sure that AM Best grades them highly. If you can offer a low cost travel insurance, you may win guests for life.

Offer a package policy that covers trip cancellation, travel delays, baggage delays (or lost or stolen baggage), travel medical insurance coverage, a travel accident insurance plan, travel health insurance. You can also offer coverage for dental, emergency evacuation and accidental death. If you don’t want to offer the insurance yourself, urge your guests to at least look at travel insurance online and cover themselves. There they can find cheap or discount travel insurance to cover their needs and compare travel insurance quotes.

Travel health insurance is for people going abroad for over six months, buying a travel major medical policy will provide medical protection along the linens of wellness care, emergency medical treatment, and prescription drug coverage.

Medical travel insurance covers a wide array of possibilities including evacuation and accidental death. This is an important coverage for those whose health insurance doesn’t cover them abroad. People never know when they’re going to need medical assistance, making this insurance valuable. If you have foreign travelers, this can be a super policy to offer them. It’s also good for you to get when you travel abroad.

Business travel insurance probably isn’t something you’ll sell to your guests, but you may have guests with it provided by their employer. It’s available in various “denominations” of travel ranging from single trip to 20, 60, 90, and 91+ days of travel per year. You would probably only become aware of a guest having this insurance because of their trip cancellation activating your cancellation policy. It does also cover identity theft protection, baggage loss, business effects (laptop computers, cell phones, and trade show and conference materials) loss, and concierge service.

Student travel insurance and international travel health insurance are additional options available for travelers. Students who travel the world between semesters or right after college benefit from the security of coverage, though they often think they are immune to health problems. International travel health insurance is great for any one who’s seeing the far corners of the globe and wants to have an extra measure of protection and security.

Your guests can’t control natural events that cause travel delay or cancellation, but they can control how they protect themselves from losing their investment. Health issues also aren’t always foreseeable, so again various health or medical insurance coverages are valuable. Offering travel insurance is just one more service you can provide your guests, adding to their travel pleasure and your business success.