Unique Home — Would that be a good B&B property?

From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: My husband and I have recently purchased a home for intentions to rent it out. however this home is so unique we are now discussing other possibilities. one of which is a b&b.The only setback is its size. there could only be 3 bedrooms. my question is: Is that too small? And does someone have to live on site? This house is located in a small town with not a whole lot of traffic or attraction. The house itself would be the biggest attraction. Should I give up any thoughts of turning this into a Bed and Breakfast? Any advice would be appreciated.

A: Thanks for writing. Your questions are wonderful, and need lots more attention than this service is designed for.

Being a wonderful house in itself isn’t enough of a reason to open a B&B. But, don’t let that stop you. You need to educate yourself about the business. There are seminars all over the country you can take, I offer online seminars (http://www.thebandblady.com/b-and-b-seminars.html) and ebooks (http://www.thebandblady.com/e-books.html) to help move your education along.

Don’t make any decisions about the house until you’ve done more research.