What classes should I take now?

From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: I am an aspiring innkeeper with a deep passion to own and operate my own bed and breakfast. I have done an internship, innsat, have sanitation and CPR certificates, have graduated from culinary school. and I have joined some B&B associations. What education do I pursue now?

A: You’ve done a thorough job of getting ready for your innkeeping career. Well done!

Continue getting a different perspective from the things you have learned so far. Take any of the seminars offered around the country, attend B&B conferences, read the multitude of books available on the subject, and participate in forums like this one.

To help you get ready to buy a B&B, pursue a class on buying, or consider my eBook series for buying a B&B Inn. The B&B Lady’s Ebooks, listed on the Sage Blossom Consulting website.

Stay involved as a way of not only honing your skills but also keeping your passion alive.