Zoning Question

From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: We were advised by the City that provided the city allows a B&B in the rural zone as proposed, that weddings and parties would require no additional approval since the property is then considered a business. Now, the homeowners and one of the planning dept. officials are making threats regarding this saying that even if a B&B is allowed, we will never be able to hold a wedding there. I have searched our zoning ordinance thoroughly. There is never any mention anywhere regarding special events such as weddings. Do you have any sage words of wisdom???

A: There are always at least two “controlling” bodies in situations like these. The city/county and any possible home owners’ association. I’m not a legal voice here, but it seems to me that whatever the zoning and planning rules and regulations, whatever is on the books today (or whenever you apply or are approved), is what reigns.

Of course you want homeowner’s on your side because they not only are a possible great source of business, but also because they can make life heck for you.

Hope that helps!