Any information on this topic?

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Q: Your website has a wealth of information, but I’m wondering if you have info on building a B&B, either from ground up or converting an existing structure that has never been a B&B.

Also, have you done any research on opening, owning, and operating B&Bs in Australia and New Zealand?

Thanks for the great website!

A: I haven’t tackled the complexities and variables of starting from scratch, as far as my websites go. But I can tell you the challenges and decision-making process are very similar to going with a turnkey operation. The process merely starts at a different point. I know there are folk on the forum who have started from scratch who could help you out. I have had clients start from scratch so do have experience in that line of consulting and innkeeping. If I can be of help to you, please ask. If the forum members can be of help, ask the forum pepole directly.

I haven’t done much work in Australia and New Zealand. I’m sure the laws are different, but much would be the same between operating in Australia/New Zealand as anywhere. The culture is different also, but you’ll find that hospitality is the same everywhere.

I’m glad you found the site and valued the content. Stick around, there will be more.

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  1. Although all of the information needed to start a B&B may well be beyond the scope of this forum – I think this forum could serve as an excellent sounding board for specific topics or questions of concern. lists several “how to books” including:
    How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast : Down-To-Earth Advice (Paperback), by Martha W. Murphy, Amelia R. Seton, ISBN 0805029036
    How to Open a Financially Successful Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel (Paperback), by Lora Arduser, Douglas R. Brown, ISBN: 0910627304
    Complete Idiot’s Guide to Running a Bed and Breakfast by Susannah Craig, Park Davis (Paperback), ISBN: 0028640004
    It should be noted that all of these books are written for B&B operations in the United States.
    Although the hospitality and guest service information is certainly relevant to any B&B operation, specific information regarding an operation in New Zealand can be obtained from New Zealand’s Department of Labor:

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  3. I’m also looking forward to ‘building’ my B&B. I have questions like how to find property that can be used as a home business. Once the property is found, how do I approach the banking industry for a loan? Is the mortgage rate higher for a B&B loan than a private home?

  4. Commercial loans do have a higher rate, and shorter term, than residential loans.

    To approach a lending institution you want to have your business plan finished and polished. You want to have at least 30% of your own funds for the project, too.

    In the meantime, take classes, attend conferences and read books and magazines. Join PAII.

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