Of Mice and Men (or Housekeepers)

An interesting story from the old forum:

“There’s a problem with the laundry,” called Drema, the housekeeper. “Could you come downstairs and take a look at it?”

I hurried down the basement stairs to find Drema holding a blanket that she had taken from the dryer. The blanket was splattered with brownish red stains.

“What is this?” asked Drema. “The blanket wasn’t like this when I put it in the wash.” She rubbed at one of the stains with a finger. The mark came off. “Do you think it’s rust?” She pointed at the rim of a washing machine that was slightly rusty. “And what’s that? Is that a ball of lint?” She reached into the dryer and came out with the largest ball of lint I’ve ever seen. She rolled it around in her fingers and suddenly – staring up at her – were the beady eyes and grimacing teeth of a dead rodent. Drema was holding the decapitated head of a dead mouse.

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Environmentally Safe Cleaning Tip

[Taken from a conversation on the old forum:]

Maybe you “green” folks know this one but it was new to me so I’m sharing.

Our oven was getting cleaned today with Easy Off oven cleaner and somehow the person cleaning it didn’t notice the grease/Easy Off mixture dripping onto a spot on the floor not protected by newspaper.

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