What Should You Stock in your Gift Shop?

Excerpts from old forum conversation:

The Inn at Elizabethville is a 7 bedroom facility located in a small borough. Last year this community had THREE gift shops. Two of these were “generic” gift shops that carried scented candles and other knick knacks that are commonly available in similar shops throughout the country. The third gift shop was a slightly more upscale store that carried antique reproductions and European imports.

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Hold an Open House to Highlight Your Gift Shop

An excerpts from an old forum:

Is your gift shop open to the public or is it restricted to guests at your B&B? Are the locals even aware that your facility has a gift shop?

To promote your gift shop, consider the possibility of holding an open house. The open house will introduce your products to locals who will also enjoy refreshments and have the opportunity to socialize.

Locals who have never set foot in your B&B before will have the additional opportunity to tour your facility. If they’re suitably impressed, the next time friends and relatives come to town, they might be referred to your B&B instead of having to bed down on the sleeper sofa.

What are some factors to consider in hosting an open house?

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Use Your Website to Market Your Giftshop!

The Ice Haus Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota, http://www.icehaus.com/ has a gift shop. To increase their marketing potential, they’ve tied the gift shop into their B&B website and advertise Nana’s pantry scented candles by the Starlight Candle Company. Buyers needn’t go to the inn to purchase these candles. The candles may be ordered through a 1-800 toll free number.

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