Organic Bamboo-fiber Bed Sheets

While attending a bed and breakfast conference recently, I visited Inn Style in the vendor section. Initially I only wanted to find out whether they were carrying any organic cotton sheets and towels. But I so quickly got side-tracked with other wonderful discoveries that I forgot to pursue my original question. What was so exciting as to get me off track? Bamboo sheets. 100% bamboo fiber sheets, not a
bamboo/cotton blend.

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Wool Mattress Pads

There was a time I could sleep well anywhere, any time. As I “matured”, my sleeping needs matured as well. I have migrated from thinking that one bed is like any other bed to understanding that bed quality, construction, and materials matter greatly in providing a good night’s sleep. Upscale property owners and managers have known that for a long time. Paying guests understand it too and vote with their dollar. Your challenge is finding the balance that will satisfy the biggest majority of your guests.

The bed pad is the first step in making a great sleeping surface for you guests.

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Guest Linens

Have you ever considered how important linens are to the guest experience? I think they make a statement about your commitment to your guests’ experience. If you haven’t thought about it lately, it’s time to take a fresh look at the topic.

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