Green Business Plan Statistics for an Environmentally Friendly Hotel

I have stood on my soap box for years talking about the wisdom of running a green B&B. I’ve been asked several times to review how much money is saved by conserving water and energy, only two of the resources I urge innkeepers to conserve. Here is a list of statistics about the actual resource savings for you to apply your water and energy rates to for coming up with how much you will save by implementing an environmentally friendly operations program.

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Changing Times: B&B Market Niche

The B&B industry is in transition: from young to maturing, from “build it and they will come” to targeted marketing, and from undefined to defined market niche. Defining the inn’s brand — or market niche — gives innkeepers the competitive edge they need to flourish, not just survive. Guests’ wants and needs have changed through the years; it’s important to understand those changes so the innkeeper can react and the B&B can thrive.

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Changing Times: A 20 Year Window to the B&B Industry

Perspective on the industry changes with your longevity in the business. For those who’ve been around awhile now, you’ve seen tremendous changes in the business approach and the guest experience. What has changed and what has stayed the same? You may be surprised by my observations. Even more important, all of us will see lots of changes in the coming years. Having some perspective on the past will help you prepare for the future.

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Architectural House Styles and B&Bs

Dispelling Myths:

B&B Styles: The Painted Lady vs The Modern Gal

Do you think that a B&B “must” be in a Victorian house? Does that attract you to the business or repel you? I have heard many people comment that they would love to be a B&B innkeeper, except they hate Victorian so just can’t bring themselves to pursue their dream further. What a shame! I also have heard many B&B guests comment on the challenge of finding non-Victorian B&Bs to frequent. That sounds like an opportunity to me!

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Corporate Owned Bed and Breakfasts

The Corporatization of B&Bs

I recently was asked how I felt about the franchising or corporate ownership of B&B inns and decided that was a good Innfo topic. To me corporate-owned (which includes franchises) and B&B are mutually exclusive concepts. I have seen a trend towards corporate-owned inns and have heard about some big franchise/corporate projects. For many years I’ve watched innkeepers move out of their inns, often turning their room/apartment into more guestrooms. Sometimes the change works and sometimes it doesn’t; “working” meaning that it feels like a B&B rather than a hotel.

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Europe and Tourism in the 21st Century

In October, I travelled to Budapest, Hungary, to be initiated as a new member of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants. This is a group of senior independent consultants, working in various and diverse areas of the hospitality field. The members work worldwide and represent countries in all corners of the globe.

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Bed and Breakfast Market Research

I recently attended a conference of hospitality consultants. One session I sat in I thought was important to share with you. The statistics are from the hotel industry but I believe they are just as valuable and pertinent for the B&B industry. STR (Smith Travel Report) tracks lodging trends and Randy Smith, STR’s founder, presented this information.

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