Flyers, a Low Tech/Low Cost Way to Advertise

[Taken from a conversation in the old forum:]

I just saw a blurb about flyers on CNN Business.
Flyers were touted as being a low tech/low cost way for small businesses to advertise.
Their advice?

1) Print your advertisement on brightly colored paper. (White paper blends in. Colored flyers stand out).

2) Highlight your offer. Rather than fill an entire page with size 8 font waxing euphoric about your business, give the essentials. Use boldface and large font.

3) Offer an incentive. Everyone likes a deal. Consider including a coupon discount.

4) Test your message. Write out 2 or 3 different flyers and see which flyers get the best response. Once you’ve identified which flyers do the best job selling your business, produce those flyers for distribution.

5) From my own observations, I’ll add this. You needn’t spend lots of money mass mailing your flyers. Consider putting flyers up on bulletin boards with the owner’s permission. For example, I have flyers on bulletin boards at two local supermarket locations, one church, an electronics store (Radio Shack), two nurseries, an antique store, and one winery.

Keep flyers and business cards in your car. If you ever find yourself taking a short day trip someplace, combine business with pleasure. Stop at a place that might have bulletin boards (like a supermarket) and ask the manager if you could put up some of your business cards and flyers. If you’re consistent about doing this, you could eventually circulate information about your B&B to surrounding communities.