What types of lightbulb wattage do you use?

An excerpt from an old forum:

State hotel law in Pennsylvania requires the illumination of all public areas. We use 40 watt bulbs for hallways and stairs, a 25 watt bulb in the curio cabinet that illuminates the dining room, and another 25 watt bulb that illuminates the parlor.

Exterior lighting is primarily illuminated by a low voltage automatic system that’s activated by a solar cell. This lighting system illuminates the side porch, back door, exterior stairs, signage, upstairs balcony, and back porch. A 40 watt bulb that we can turn on and off illuminates the front stairs.

Guest rooms are lit with 60 watt bulbs in overhead lights and 100 watt bulbs in bedside lamps. (The brighter bulbs make it easier to read).

Guest bathrooms are lit by 60 watt bulbs.