What types of lightbulb wattage do you use?

An excerpt from an old forum:

State hotel law in Pennsylvania requires the illumination of all public areas. We use 40 watt bulbs for hallways and stairs, a 25 watt bulb in the curio cabinet that illuminates the dining room, and another 25 watt bulb that illuminates the parlor.

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Guests Amenities and Electrical Safety

From a conversation on the old forum:

Most innkeepers want their guests to be comfortable. To this end, we place televisions, DVD players, lamps, and alarm clocks in guest bedrooms. Buildings without central air may include window mounted air-condition units from late spring through fall as well as electric heaters in the winter. Some facilities may even provide their guests small cubic refrigerators.

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The ADA and Pets

From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: How does the disability law and pet policies for disable persons work? Can you have a therapy dog or do you have to be blind? Are there provisions and modifications for this? Thank you

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