Take Advantage of Days Without Reservations

[This is from a conversation on the old forum:]

Yesterday we had our first day without a reservation since mid-February. I was thrilled. Since the housekeeper had the day off, I hung a note in the front door that said, “With no in-coming guests, the innkeeper has closed the inn for the day. Please call 362-3476 for assistance. Same day reservations may be made until 6 PM.”

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This Is Where Staff Training and Work Schedules Help

[Taken from a conversation on the old forum:]

In the words of that old McDonald jingle, “You deserve a break today.”

If you’ve trained your staff and have someone who can supervise the inn in your absence, schedule some time off for yourself. And if you haven’t trained someone on your staff to step into your shoes, reconsider the importance of training.

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Sometimes you just have to say no

[Taken from an interesting thread on the old forum:]

Even though we we’re in the hospitality business and we like hosting guests and especially like earning revenue, the reality of the matter is that we sometimes need to take a break.
I have no problem with blocking out days in my reservation book and putting a sign in the door that says, “Closed for the day.”

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