Take Advantage of Days Without Reservations

[This is from a conversation on the old forum:]

Yesterday we had our first day without a reservation since mid-February. I was thrilled. Since the housekeeper had the day off, I hung a note in the front door that said, “With no in-coming guests, the innkeeper has closed the inn for the day. Please call 362-3476 for assistance. Same day reservations may be made until 6 PM.”

I bought some DVDs from a local store, made a rice pilaf, roast duck with raspberry sauce, and a Pennsylvania Dutch cabbage dish (cabbage fried with bacon, onions, and apples).

I was just sitting down to dinner when the phone rang at 5:58 PM. I answered the phone and the next thing I know, I had 3 reservations for last night.

I checked the guests in, enjoyed my dinner and movie (in my apartment as opposed to the parlor), turned in early and made several breakfasts for 6:30 A.M.

With no in-coming guests I hung a note on the front door and went back to bed. I slept until noon and was roasting a leg of lamb with a side of potatoes Goulangere and sauteed baby carrots when the doorbell rang at 1 PM.

It turned out to be my pest control guy.

I have now taken down the “no vacancy” sign and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make it through the day without any guests. I have even blocked off rooms with my on-line reservation agency, so we’ll see what happens.

Since I’m under no obligation to take guests without reservations, I could always just tell prospective guestst that we’re closed for the day. Unfortunately, I have a soft touch and knowing that there are limited accomodation facilities in the area, I tend to be very reluctant to turn dropby guests away. Then again, I also have to think about my business reputation. After working so hard to build up our rate of occupancy, I don’t want people to think that I’m turning away guests.

So today is my day off. Roast lamb au jus … YUM!

2 thoughts on “Take Advantage of Days Without Reservations”

  1. well david all i can say is i am having many days off right now being new and opening in the winter so I look forward to being able to experience that.
    take care and take a day off again.

  2. I agree with him, you do have to make time for yourself. We close up for the winter so we get to enjoy that and then we get overrun in the summer.
    The key thing to remember is nobody wants to stay anyplace with a burned out innkeeper, so do the things you need to in order to keep yourself happy.

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