What are “normal” wages for a Managing Innkeeper ?

From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: I’m about to become a managing innkeeper for a woman who ones the B&B already… what salarie would be appropriate? The in has 12 rooms and 8 cabins and is open 7 months a year (mostly summer and fall).

A: It depends so much on the situation and I don’t have enough detail to give you a thorough answer. Questions I have for you include:

* Are you an experienced innkeeper?
* What responsibility will you have?
* hiring and firing employees
* planning and implementing the marketing plan
* supervising all staff
* maintenance issues
* paying bills
* bookkeeping
* stocking supplies
* yard work
* taking reservations
* interacting with vendors
* How long is your employment contract for — 7 or 12 months?

Note I didn’t ask you if living on the property was part of your duties. Some owners feel that room and board are part of your compensation as a manager. Having lived on property before I can tell you that room and board is the price for being on call 24 hours a day, not for managing the inn. The inn management, in my opinion, deserves its own compensation, separate from the off-duty responsibilities.

It seems to me that $2,000/month used to be considered the base salary for a managing innkeeper, the salary being adjusted up or down depending on the assigned responsibilities and experience level.

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  1. From “Ask Kit!”:
    Q: I’m looking for help in setting a reasonable wage for co-managing an inn for a new owner. It’s a 9 guest room/suite inn, full country breakfst does weddings and meetings. Current owners are on-sight full-time with a paid cook/housekeeping person that’s part-time plus some. One of the owners has a medical condition and has been able to contribute less and less (hence the sale of their dream)The potential buyer is looking for an investment property, at least initially, and does not wish to run the inn. As a newby, I would be co-managing with a 12 year B &B veteran. What do you think would be reasonable to ask for our services as full-time, on-sight innkeepers?
    A: Wages of course vary with your experience and the level of responsibility the owners give you. My experience is that managing innkeepers are getting about $1,500-2,200/month, plus room, and maybe board. The lower end is for less experience and/or responsibility, while the higher number is for more experience and/or responsibility.

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