Standard Operating Procedures

As a former elementary teacher, I’m a great believer in structured settings. When children come into a classroom, they need to know what the instructional expectations are with regards to classroom policies, assignments, the storage of personal possessions etc.

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Staff Meals as an Employee Perk

A conversation from the old forum:

When I was a breakfast chef at a B&B in Austin, the owner had me serve a breakfast buffet. I’m not a great believer of hot breakfast buffets because this type of service invariably results in food wastage – but this is a subject for another post.

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Treat Your Employees Well to Reduce Turn Over

The hospitality industry is tough. From August of 2003 to August of 2004, 24.9 million employees quit their jobs for new employment. The turn-over rate in the leiure and hospitality field was 43.9% compared to 30.2% in retaiil, 25.6% in construction, 13.9% in manufacturing, and 14.6% in transportation.

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