Where do you look for managing innkeepers?

From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: We are looking for innkeepers for our Michigan B&B. Can you suggest a good way to begin our search? Thank you

A: I’d start with Yellow Brick Road (http://www.yellowbrickroadnl.com) and PAII (http://www.paii.org). You may have to be a PAII member to get into the job posting and employee posting section, but it’s probably worth it. YBR is open to any interested party.

Good luck!

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  1. You might check with the Interim Innkeepers Network (IIN) also. You do not need to belong to any specific association to view their members availability. INN members consider both short and long term assignments including those as Managing Innkeeper.

    Optionally you can contact IIN by email at InterimInnkeeper@aol.com with your particular needs and the Network administrator will conduct a search among members to locate a selection of available innkeepers.

    IIN members are all professionally trained, many of them previous owner-innkeepers and have credentials as well as references from assignments they have completed.

    On the same subject, the Interim Innkeepers Network will be again holding their Fall Conference and Annual Meeting. This year the Interim Innkeepers will be meeting in Colorado Springs Oct 30-Nov2, 2005, hosted by the Hearthstone Inn Bed & Breakfast. This years Conference is OPEN to ALL Interim Innkeepers, not just IIN members. For information on the Conference, contact IIN at InterimInnkeeper@aol.com.

  2. I know you posted this over a year ago, but I live in Michigan, I currently work in Auburn Hills at a corporate hotel chain, and would love the honor of working at a Bed and Breakfast.

    I just joined this forum, so that is why I’m just now responding. I’m sure the offer has been filled, but just in case.

  3. We’re glad you’re here. This thread is “timeless”, as most of the threads, so jump in any time.

    There are lots of great B&Bs in Michigan where you could get experience. Start asking around. Or, if you want to relocate, use various channels to find a job at an inn.

    Good luck. Let us know what happens.

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