Bamboo Bed Sheets

I don’t normally think of sheets as a guest amenity. But my discovery of the joys of bamboo sheets has me rethinking that attitude. I bought some bamboo sheets at Inn Style during the PAII conference in Phoenix this last April, and I feel like royalty.

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Room Clutter is NOT an Amenity

An excerpt from an old forum post:

I’ve seen a fair number of B&B’s up close and I see a lot more of them through building or reviewing websites and it never ceases to amaze me that so many innkeepers consider decorative clutter to be an amenity that guests are looking for.

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Safety Advice About Fireplaces

From a conversation on the old forum:

Fireplaces are very romantic but make sure they’re inspected every year. Of particular concern to local fire departments are the older fireplaces with chimneys that rise through floors instead of being attached to the exterior of your building.

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