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From “Ask Kit!”:

Q: Do I allow guests to use the laundry facilities?

A: There’s no right or wrong here. It’s what you feel comfortable doing and where your laundry facility is located. You probably wouldn’t want guests in your private quarters doing laundry but wouldn’t mind them using public space to do their laundry.

I’ve seen a few B&Bs offer that as an amenity and others offer it as an income source. Location matters some in your thinking; a remote location might need guest laundry facilities more than an urban inn. Most B&Bs I’ve been in don’t offer on-property laundry service though, so follow your heart and business style.

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  1. Kit Cassingham wrote:
    From “Ask Kit!”:
    Q: Do I allow guests to use the laundry facilities?

    This depends upon what your laundry facilities are like. My house was built in 1883. Our laundry room is in the basement. The basement ceiling is low. Overhead pipes make the ceiling even lower.
    The basement is also a dry goods storage area for the kitchen as well as a storage area for housekeeping. We have dozens of ranked shelves filled with canned goods, boxes of soap, light bulbs, paper towels, face cloths, towels, full sized, queen, and king sized bed sheets, pillows and so forth.
    Guests have asked to use our laundry facilities and we have always politely referred them to a coin operated facility two blocks away. We don’t allow guests in the basements for reasons of liability. We also don’t want to worry about having to securing our supplies from guests.
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