B&B Statistics Highlight Growing Trends

According to statistics about U.S. B&Bs compiled by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) :

“In 1980, there were one thousand B&Bs/country inns serving one million guests. In 2001, there were 19,000 professionally-run, fully licensed bed and breakfasts/country inns, plus 10,000 home-stay B&Bs, collectively serving a total of 55 million guests annually.”

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Beware of Con Artists

Do con artists ever defraud B&B’s? Absolutely.

A man named Ali Patrick Pahlavi arrived at an upscale Denver B&B on September 29, 2000. He told the innkeeper/owner that his luggage and traveling money had been stolen. Would it be possible to borrow money and have the innkeeper’s finest room on credit? His family had been notified and as the billionaire nephew of the late Shah of Iran, he was certainly “good for it.”

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