Smart Hotel Rooms

A conversation from the old forum:

New computer systems at the ultra-luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York are now connecting individual rooms to network servers that track guests’ preferences.

When these guests return to the hotel, their television greets them by name. A computer system consults a customer data file and heats or cools the guest room to that person’s favorite temperature. The most popular phone numbers that were used during your last visit are downloaded into the hotel’s phone. Your favorite music and TV channel preferences are also downloaded to the remote.

The smart systems “knows” whether you like the drapes open or closed. It even has housekeeping stock your favorite snacks and beverages in the minibar, monitors consumption, and alerts the maid when the inventory needs replenishment.

Talk about your personalized service … sheesh …

Info from the International Herald Tribune Business on-line in 2005.