Online Reservation Systems Are Increasingly Profitable

Do your bed and breakfast have a website? Do you belong to an online reservation system?

Jupiter Research reports that revenue from the online travel market is steadily increasing. The online travel market includes the hotel, airline, and car rental services offered by such companies as, Expedia, and Travelocity.

In 2004, this market earned a gross revenue of $57 billion.

In 2005, sales rose to $65.4 billion.

The projection for 2005 is $78.8 billion. By 2010, online reservation systems anticipate cornering 1/3rd for all travel bookings for an anticipated gross revenue of $104 billion.

Take advantage of this trend by tapping into the on-line reservation market.

1 thought on “Online Reservation Systems Are Increasingly Profitable”

  1. It’s an interesting article. (Read it quick it expires Dec 17th) It indicates the general idea that the internet continues to grow as a travel tool. Their numbers don’t seem to be balanced against the actual growth of internet usage in general so it is hard to separate it and see if travel related use has grown on its own or if the increase they are citing is just the same growth that all the internet has experienced. Either way it doesn’t matter, growth in the internet use for travel is good. It means you know how and where to advertise.
    One trend the article hints at is an interesting one eMarketer wrote: Jupiter data indicates a gradual shift towards buying direct rather than through travel aggregator sites, such as Expedia and Travelocity.
    This gives reason to consider making sure your website is ready with an availability calendar and reservation system.
    Steve Wirt
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    and Inngenious Bed and Breakfast Website Promotion

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